Ramki Heating

Ramki heating was founded in 1972, by three brothers from India. Ramesh, Mahendra and Suresh came to England from Kampala, Uganda in 1966, in search of greater opportunities for their families. Gas central heating became widely available in the 1970's replacing coal, wood and electric fires. The brother's took this opportunity to train and qualify as corgi engineers, in order to provide a much needed service to London's newly formed Gujarati community. They started off installing gas central heating systems in homes in the Wembley area.

However due to their professionalism and efficiency the company's reputation soon grew and by 1978 the expanding business moved to a warehouse in Southall. Largely through customer recommendations Ramki Heating have installed and maintained heating systems in over 4,000 homes in Greater London over the last 40 years. In 2002, Mahendra's and Suresh's sons, Ankur and Jignesh joined Ramki Heating.