My name is David Lockey, I am the sole proprietor of Plumb-Seal Ltd. I have been trading now for 6 years and have been in engineering for 13 years. 5 years were spent serving in the Royal Navy as a Marine engineer aboard an aircraft carrier.

Marine engineering was a vast role covering everything from the ship's propulsion down to a cooker element. I served on HMS Illustrious and specialised in the plumbing dept and obviously this is where I gained my passion for the job. I decided that I wanted to continue this role on dry land so left the Navy and took up an apprenticeship with a local business. It turned out that my prior knowledge held me in good stead as I progressed quickly and within three years I was Corgi Registered.

I went on from there to work for a government agency fitting boilers for the elderly and infirm. This is where I gained a lot of experience as in 3 years I must have fitted around 350 boilers.