Kilbarchan Maintenance Services

KMS Ltd have been providing a quality service to the community for 31 years. Our strength lies in the business model adopted throughout this time. Unlike most Heating and Plumbing companies we do not rely on new build contracts or on contract work in general. Staffing levels do not fluctuate based on contract completion and the sourcing of the next contract, which is fairly typical with plumbing companies. Our core business has always been domestic heating and plumbing and over the years we have accrued a customer base of over 20,000 customers. People come to us when they have a plumbing requirement and "come back" based on the responsiveness and quality of service provided.

This business model has allowed KMS Ltd a level of stability in terms of business continuity and staffing which is unique in the industry. Our business has grown and continues to grow based on our reputation for quality and cost competitiveness.