Heat Green

With the continued increase in the cost of natural gas and oil prices, the efficiency of your central heating system is becoming very important. Low fuel prices have for many years made UK customers complacent in choosing the most efficient system. All gas suppliers have raised the cost of gas again in 2008 and its looks unlikely to fall since we are now importing gas from Russia. Oil has seen prices double in the past 12 months. Our aim is to give you a central heating system that meets your personal requirements and ensures low running costs. With a 95% efficient boiler, you would beat the fuel increases and have a fast return on the cost of the system. All our heating installations come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty on gas and 5 years on oil boilers. Heat Green mainly installs Worcester Bosch boilers, solar panels and ground source heat pumps because they have been proven to be very reliable for our customers. We also install many other brands and products that are on the market.