Flame Heating & Plumbing

We are a boiler service and repair business with many years experience in the heating and plumbing trade. Central heating boilers have become increasing complex in recent years and diagnosing a fault often requires electronic tools. This technology shift and the safety risks associated with burning carbon fuels have led to the development of stringent standards. Consumers now expect a boiler engineer to be qualified and equipped to provide a safe and efficient system. We have noticed many changes during the past 30+ years in the heating trade, and it is vital that on-going training is part of an engineer's calendar.

This ensures that the engineer is up-to-date with new products and work practices, and is able to help customers choose the right product for their needs. The benefits of using alternative heating methods - such as solar panels and heat pumps - can be substantial. It is important to consider all the options, rather than assuming you have to install a carbon fuel solution.